Mlynářský znak a jeho erbovní pověst / Millers’ coat of arms and its legend

Pages 85-92
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2016/185/1-2

Modern millers used and continue to use a fairly complex emblem in their presentations with numerous sections and accompanying figures. The objective of this study is to reconstruct the origin of the emblem on the basis of older coat of arms stories. This is based on mentions or stories of the historical Czech chroniclers Kosmas and Dalimil, which were fully expanded upon by one of the most significant chroniclers of the 16th century, Václav Hájek of Libočany. The study aims to show changes in miller legends against the background of changes in chroniclers’ historical discourse. A hypothesis is also proposed as to why, when and under what circumstances the original older guild symbolism was left behind, and the new emblem with historic roots began to be used.

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