ISSN : 1214-0627
Editor in Chief : Woitschová Klára

Mlynáři v proudu pověstí / Millers in legend

The particular nature of the milling craft, the technical complexity of milling equipment and hydraulic engineering, as well as the location of mills, ideally on the edge of towns and villages, meant that millers became a common subject of folklore and legends in particular. In these, millers took…

Genealogie rodů Kočků a Fialů aneb čím je genealogie prospěšná

In some cases, the history of specific families may help to illuminate the general history of a specific location or even region. This is the case for Příbram’s silver ore district, where a number of regional historians have attempted to localise Kocour’s mill, linked with the construction of…

Poctiweho cechu mlinarskeho peczet / Fair Millers’ Guild seal

The urban environment enriched sigillography with artisanal symbols and its own aesthetics, while also contributing to the vulgarisation of seals themselves. The milling trade was a part of this, its symbols being the gearwheel and waterwheel, millstone, tiller, chisel, axe and compass with…