Genealogie rodů Kočků a Fialů aneb čím je genealogie prospěšná

Pages 67-72
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2016/185/1-2

In some cases, the history of specific families may help to illuminate the general history of a specific location or even region. This is the case for Příbram’s silver ore district, where a number of regional historians have attempted to localise Kocour’s mill, linked with the construction of Příbram’s ironworks and Fiala’s mills in the past. Success was only achieved, however, using genealogical research on their families and the ambiguous use of the surnames Kočka, Kocour and Fiala. The desired result would not have been achieved without a careful study of sources on the history of Příbram’s ironworks and mining in general.

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