Zákon na ochranu republiky a doprovodné zákony v meziválečné éře / The Protection of the Republic Act and accompanying laws in the interwar era

Pages 31-60
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2015/184/3-4

This study looks at the introduction of the Protection of the Republic Act in 1923. This act was introduced in response to problems in the nascent First Republic democracy expressed , amongst other ways, in the assassination of Finance Minister, Alois Rašín. The final section then looks at separate amendments during the 1930s, with the amendments to this Act being a response to the emerging Nazi regime in neighbouring Germany. The study also looks at Czechoslovak society’s response to these changes, looking in particular at whether the legislation led to a boosting of democracy, or rather to its restriction, as critics of the Protection of the Republic Act claimed.

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