Poznávací zájezdy československých občanů do sovětského Ruska v meziválečném období z pohledu archivních pramenů Ruské federace

Pages 75–88
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2014/183/3-4

This contribution examines the phenomenon of Czechoslovak citizens travelling to the Soviet Union during the interwar period, using analyses of archive materials. The institutions which had a major impact on the nature of the sightseeing within the USSR were the All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and the state travel agency, Inturist. The first of these was particularly focused on the social elite, and concentrated on developing cultural relations, amongst other things, while the second was behind attempts at making USSR trips a mass phenomenon during the 1930s. The contribution analyses the issue of controlling foreign tourism in the USSR and difficulties in its development during the interwar era.

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