Polykras-(Y), uranpolykras a Ti-Nb-Ta-Fe minerál v kremenných žilách a exokontaktných zónách gemerika, Slovenské rudohorie

Pages 14-24
Bulletin mineralogicko-petrologického oddělení Národního muzea v Praze | 2009/17/1

Accessory polycrase-(Y), uranopolycrase and rutile-like Ti,Nb,Ta,Fe-mineral have been identified in quartz and quartz albitite veins, and silicified phyllites in exocontact zones of tin-bearing granites of the Spiš-Gemer region, Slovak Ore Mountains, eastern Slovakia. Polycrase-(Y) is partly replaced by uranopolycrase and locally also by the Ti,Nb,Ta,Fephase. XRD investigation indicates partly metamict state of the polycrase-(Y) to uranopolycrase. EMPA compositions show wide variations in Y+REE, U+Th, Ca, Ti and Nb+Ta concents and a possible presence of Ca(U,Th)(Y,REE)-2, (U,Th)Ti(Y,REE)-1(Nb,Ta)-1, Ca(Nb,Ta)(Y,REE)-1Ti-1, and Ca(Nb,Ta)2(U,Th)-1Ti-2 substitution mechanisms. The minerals originated probably during post-magmatic to hydrothermal stage of the granite evolution in F-rich fluid regime.

Full Text of the Article

Full Text of the Article

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