Záměr vytvoření Muzea lidové architektury v přírodě v Praze / The idea of creation of an open-air folk architecture museum in Prague

Pages 29-44
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia | 2015/69/3-4

This article summarizes the persistent efforts of Drahomíra Stránská, head of the Ethnographic Department of the National Museum, devoted to building of open-air museum in Prague in the 20th to the 50th years of the 20th century. It mentions projects that preceded her proposals. The article especially deals with an effort to acquire the ground for open-air museum in the neighbourhood of the Ethnographic museum and stated the circumstances which made this plan impossible. It draws closer history of two acquired properties. Church from Medvedovce was initially transferred to the Kinsky Garden in Prague on the 10th anniversary of the annexation of Ruthenia to Czechoslovakia. The article closely examines the circumstances under which was destroyed the material of Jokl´s farm from Čičmany, Slovakia. The article stated also other objects whose acquisition was discussed and contains an assessment of the proposal of this open-air museum.

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