Modely lidové architektury z Národopisné výstavy českoslovanské v sbírkách Etnografického oddělení Národního muzea / Models of folk architecture from the Czechoslavic ethnographic exhibition in collections of the Department of Ethnography of the National

Pages 21-28
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia | 2015/69/3-4

A large number of models of folk architecture was presented at the Czechoslavic Ethnographic Exhibition of 1895. Some of these models are now included in funds of Department of Ethnography of the National museum in Prague. However, not all models are identified properly and for some of them, their dating to 1895 is uncertain. This article attemps to present a complete and updated list of both confirmed models and those of uncertain origin, possibly related to the Exhibit, in the collections of the National museum.

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