Obrázky na skle malované ve sbírce lidového umění Etnografického oddělení Národního muzea / Glass paintings in the folk art collection of the Department of Ethnography of the National museum

Pages 45-58
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia | 2015/69/3-4

The traditional reverse glass paintings collection of Ethnographic museum (Department of Ethnography, Czech National museum) is the largest and most diverse among such collections in the Czech republic. It contains circa 1900 items and includes production of various workshops located in glassmaking regions in the area of former Czechoslovakia and also some paintings from well–known workshops in Bavaria, Poland and Romania. Short history of reverse glass painting in European context is also presented. Since 1989, there was a number of exhibits and lectures both in Bohemia and other countries. A sympozium on reverse glass paintings takes place in Austrian Sandl every since 1990. Rediscovery of reverse glass paintings by contemporary artists is a very positive social and cultural phenomenon.

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