Starosti s umístěním bohatých sbírek nového národopisného musea českoslovanského v roce 1896 / Problems with placement of rich collections belonging to the new Czechoslavic ethnographic museum in 1896

Pages 15-20
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia | 2015/69/3-4

This article describes how the Czech Ethnological Society attempted to find a suitable place for collections gathered during the Czechoslavic Ethnographic Exhbition of 1895. Possible cooperation with Náprstek museum was proposed by Lubor Niederle in 1896 and details were discussed both with Josefa Náprstková and the curatiorium that was in charge of the Náprstek museum. The planned megrer of both collections in a new shared building was, however, not carried out because of disagreements between those two parties.

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