ISSN : 0029-6074
Vedoucí redaktor : Mgr. Lenka Vacinová, Ph.D.

Mince z archeologických výzkumů v areálu kláštera Sázava

During 1940–1992, systematic archaeological researches were carried out in the area of the Sázava Monastery resulting – among other things – with total of 164 single coin finds. The assemblage of this numismatic material represents a unique insight into the currency circulation from the 11th century…

Pamětní mince a bankovka vydané v roce 2019

The Czech National Bank has produced nine commemorative coins and one banknote in 2019. Four of them were 200 CZK pieces in silver, celebrating the following: 100th Anniversary of the Czechoslovak Red Cross Foundation, 150th Birth Anniversary of Aleš Hrdlička, 100th Anniversary of the construction…