Josef Holeček a Rusko / Josef Holeček and Russian Empire

Stránky 19-30
Citace HREBIKOVÁ, Anežka . Josef Holeček a Rusko / Josef Holeček and Russian Empire. Časopis Národního muzea. Řada historická. Praha: Národní muzeum, 2015, 184(1-2), 19-30. ISSN 1214-0627. Dostupné také z:
Časopis Národního muzea. Řada historická | 2015/184/1-2

The Russian Empire in second half of nineteenth century represented important phenomenon for modern Czech society and its political development. The aim of this study was to describe the relationship of the prominent Czech writer and intellectual Josef Holeček to Russia in this time on the basis of his visits. Holeček was in considerable extent occupied with political situation in the tsarist empire. He conservatively insisted on retaining the tsarist regime and unification of slavic nations. With regard to personal relationship to Russia, Holeček was subjectively interested in the army and common peasants. He criticized unsufficient education system of Russia and minimal care of common peasants and other slavic nations. As the committed journalist, he saw in Russia especially a country that is implicitly intended to be at the forefront of the Slavic nations. However, this country represented for Holeček also certain platform, on which is possible to realize his ideals.

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