Organizace československého tenisu v meziválečném období

Stránky 31–38
Citace STROUHALOVÁ, Marcela . Organizace československého tenisu v meziválečném období. Časopis Národního muzea. Řada historická. Praha: Národní muzeum, 2014, 183(3-4), 31–38. ISSN 1214-0627. Dostupné také z:
Časopis Národního muzea. Řada historická | 2014/183/3-4

Czech tennis has been organised since 1906 when the Czech Lawn Tennis Association was founded. The activities of its tennis divisions were interrupted by war, and the organisation’s activities began again in December 1918 through the Czechoslovak Lawn Tennis Association. From a small association numbering just a few members, it grew up into a firmly organised organisation representing practically all competitive tennis clubs during the 1920s. It had more than 400 clubs. The association had to deal with many problems, one of the first being the organisation of tennis for the German and Hungarian minorities. Deutsche Verband des Lawn-Tennis was founded, which joined the association as one division, followed by the Czechoslovak Hungarian Tennis Association, which operated like a separate county. With growing membership, the association created a county system with a total of 13 counties. This system began operation in 1930. The association constantly faced financial difficulties. Finances were secured by membership contributions, state support, the organisation’s sports activities (mainly holding Davis Cup meetings) and donations. The association was a member of the International Tennis Federation. It was much involved in ensuring the international starts of its members.

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