ISSN : 1214-0627
Vedoucí redaktor : Woitschová Klára

Frýdlantské léno Mladějov a jeho držitelé

This contribution looks at the fate of the small feudal estate of Mladějov over the period it was part of the Duchy of Friedland, created by the imperial generalissimo, Albrecht von Wallenstein. This fascinating constitutionally independent estate has not yet been satisfactorily looked into by…

49 Diplom pro Maffii

The aim of this study is to contribute to the issue of recognising and awarding the efforts of people participating in the home anti-Habsburg resistance movement which lead to the formation of independent Czechoslovakia. It also aims to widen the knowledge of the state of society during the First…

Vývoj správy a organizace Národního muzea v letech 1891–1914

The aim of this paper, which comes primarily from the material of the Archives of the National Museum, is to chart the development of management and internal organization of the National Museum between 1891 and 1914. After moving to the new building, whose construction and operations were funded…