Průzkum fyzického stavu fotografických fondů v Národním archivu

Stránky 17–24
Citace HNULÍKOVÁ, Blanka . Průzkum fyzického stavu fotografických fondů v Národním archivu. Časopis Národního muzea. Řada historická. Praha: Národní muzeum, 2013, 182(3-4), 17–24. ISSN 1214-0627. Dostupné také z:
Časopis Národního muzea. Řada historická | 2013/182/3-4

A survey of the physical condition of archival documents in the National Archive from 2007 to date, with submitted text focused on the course of the survey until 2013 and its methodology. In the survey, visual, microscopic and analytical assessment techniques are used. From the analytical assessment techniques, we can identify the kind of plastic plate for the photographic documents. Further, for documents with an acetate plate, we can measure the intensity of degradation, the so-called vinegar syndrome using A-D strips. The results of the assessment are entered into a form entitled ‘Protokol o kontrole fondů Národního archive’ (‘Report on control of National Archive collections’). Data in the form is divided into three parts. The first part contains information identifying the collection, the second part of the form contains information relating to the archival document, and the final third part of the form contains a points assessment. This assessment serves to determine the physical condition of the archival document and propose further procedures. Overall, it can be stated that during the physical condition survey, a survey method was created which would be suitable for most photographic documents. The survey results also resulted in a register of collections according to priority. It was also based on excellent co-operation between restorers and the collection administrators.

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