Josef Jungmann a Matice česká / Josef Jungmann and Matice česká

Stránky 75–78
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum | 2015/60/3-4

The article summarises the work of the remarkable Czech writer, poet and lexicographer Josef Jungmann in the Czech cultural association Matice česká, an institution cotnnected with the National Museum in Prague. It briefly highlights several basic features of Jungmann’s work in Matice česká: as an author, organiser and publisher. It further mentions how Matice česká awarded Jungmann’s activities during his life as well as after his death. On the basis of Jungmann’s published correspondence with his longterm friend and colleague Antonín Marek, the paper outlines Jungmann’s personal motives and concerns regarding the actvities of Matice česká.

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