Earwigs (Dermaptera) of Socotra Island: checklist, distribution, and description of a new genus and four new species

Stránky 1-21
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2014/54/suppl

The Dermaptera fauna of Socotra Island is reviewed. Based on the study of material collected during expeditions of Czech naturalists in 1999–2012, a new genus, Socotralabis gen. nov. with the type species S. hulai sp. nov., and an additional species S. bezdeki sp. nov. have been recognised, and two new species of the genus Anisolabella Zacher, 1911: A. haasi sp. nov., and A. planata sp. nov. are described. Additionally, a new combination, Guanchia sokotrana (Burr, 1905) comb. nov. (from Anechura Scudder, 1876), is proposed, and the species Guanchia bituberculata (Brindle, 1966) stat. restit., described from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is removed from synonymy with G. sokotrana and reinstated as a valid species. Thirteen species have been found to occur in the Socotra Archipelago, while seven species (54 %) appear to be endemic, all to Socotra Island. Endemic taxa are associated with the mountain areas of Hagher, Homhil and Dixam, which are hot spots of the island’s biodiversity. An updated checklist, distribution maps and new data on the Dermaptera species are presented to extend the knowledge of the Dermaptera of Socotra.

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