Fabrician types of Cassidinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) deposited in the Natural History Museum, London

Stránky 657-684
Citace BARCLAY, Maxwell V. L. a SEKERKA, Lukáš. Fabrician types of Cassidinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) deposited in the Natural History Museum, London. Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae. Praha: Národní muzeum, 2014, 54(2), 657-684. ISSN 0374-1036 (print), 1804-6487 (online). Dostupné také z: https://publikace.nm.cz/periodicke-publikace/aemnp/54-2/fabrician-types-of-cassidinae-coleoptera-chrysomelidae-deposited-in-the-natural-history-museum-london
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2014/54/2

All Fabrician types of Cassidinae found at the Natural History Museum, London were revised. The following new taxonomic changes were made: species status of Basiprionota bipuncticollis (Boheman, 1856) stat. restit., Chelymorpha multipunctata (Olivier, 1790) stat. restit., Eugenysa decussata (Fabricius, 1775) stat. restit., and Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) calligera Boheman, 1854, stat. restit., are restored. The identities of Cassida cincta Fabricius, 1781, stat. nov., Cassida dorsata Fabricius, 1787, stat. nov., and Cassida octopunctata Fabricius, 1787, stat. nov., are corrected based on examination of type material. The following new synonymies are proposed: Aspidimorpha isparetta Boheman, 1854 = Cassida cincta Fabricius, 1781, syn. nov., Aspidimorpha calligera = A. dorsata sensu auctt., Basiprionota bipuncticollis = B. privigna (Boheman, 1862) syn. nov. = B. octopunctata sensu auctt., Basiprionota octopunctata (Fabricius, 1787) = B. privigna sensu auctt., Cassida dorsata Fabricius, 1787 = Aspidomorpha fuscopunctata Boheman, 1854, syn. nov. = A. rubrodorsata Boheman, 1854 ,syn. nov., Cassida decussata Fabricius, 1775 = C. venosa Fabricius, 1798, syn. nov., Cassida marginella Fabricius, 1775 = Charidotis punctatostriata Boheman, 1855, syn. nov. = Charidotis herbida Boheman, 1855, syn. nov., Coccinella cassidea Fabricius, 1775 = Cassida cribraria Fabricius, 1775, syn. nov. The species generally referred to as Aspidimorpha cincta (sensu auctt.) is left without a name, and is described here as Aspidimorpha (Aspidimorpha) innominata Sekerka sp. nov. A neotype is designated for Coccinella cassidea Fabricius, 1775 as the original type specimen is presumed lost. Lectotypes are designated for Cassida cincta Fabricius, 1781, C. cribraria Fabricius, 1775, C. dorsata Fabricius, 1787, C. marginella Fabricius, 1775 and C. miliaris Fabricius, 1775 to avoid further misinterpretations and to stabilize the current usage of the names. No type material of Cassida sinuata Fabricius, 1792 could be traced. Colour photographs of type specimens are provided.

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