A revison of the genus Anthaxia from the Philippines (Coleoptera: Buprestidae: Buprestinae: Anthaxiini)

Stránky 433-442
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2012/52/2

A taxonomic revision of five species of the genus Anthaxia Eschscholtz, 1829 from the Philippines is performed and two new species are described: Anthaxia (Haplanthaxia) palawanensis sp. nov. (Palawan) and A. (H.) philippinensis sp. nov. (Luzon, Negros, Sibuyan). Anthaxia (H.) attenuata Fisher, 1922, stat. restit. is removed from the synonymy of A. (H.) aeneocuprea Kerremans, 1913 and revalidated as a species. Anthaxia (H.) mindanaoensis Fisher, 1922, comb. nov. is transferred from the subgenus Anthaxia to the subgenus Haplanthaxia Reitter, 1911. The lectotype of A. (H.) boettcheri Obenberger, 1928 is designated. All species and their male genitalia are illustrated and the key to the Philippine species is provided.

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