Three new species of non-biting moth flies (Diptera: Psychodidae: Psychodinae) from Bolivia, with notes on higher taxa of the subfamily

Stránky 183-210
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2011/51/1

A study of Psychodinae, tribes Paramormiini, Psychodini and Pericomini, from Bolivia is completed, and three new species are described: Eurygarka freyrei sp. nov., Tinearia boliviensis sp. nov. and Alepia santacruz sp. nov. Differential diagnoses are included and important diagnostic characters illustrated. All known species of the genera Eurygarka Quate, 1959, Tinearia Schellenberg, 1803 and Alepia Enderlein, 1937 are listed. Comments on the classification of all three genera are given, and the conception of Neotropical Setomimini is discussed. The species Eurygarka aliciae (Ibáñez-Bernal & Cáceres, 2005) comb. nov., from Peru, is transferred from Philosepedon Eaton, 1904; seven species are transferred from Psychoda Latreille, 1796 to Tinearia – Tinearia alia (Quate, 1962) comb. nov. (Philippines, Borneo and New Guinea), T. capitipenis (Ibáñez-Bernal, 1992) comb. nov. (Mexico), T. efflatouni (Tonnoir, 1922) comb. nov. (Egypt), T. formosiensis (Tokunaga, 1957) comb. nov. (Taiwan, Borneo), T. platilobata (Tokunaga, 1957) comb. nov. (Taiwan, Philippines, Borneo, Jamaica, Trinidad), T. subquadrilobata (Tokunaga, 1957) comb. nov. (Taiwan), and T. vagabunda (Quate, 1962) comb. nov. (Sri Lanka, Borneo). A new subtribal synonymy is proposed: Threticina Vaillant, 1991 syn. nov. = Trichopsychodina Ježek, 1985.

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