The westernmost record of Neptosternus circumductus, and a review of Dytiscidae (Coleoptera) of Balauchistan (Iran, Pakistan)

Stránky 43-56
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2006/46/1

Neptostermus circumductus Régimbart, 1899 has benn found in southeastern iran, which represents the westernmost record of the Oriental members of the genus Neptostermus Sharp, 1882. the lectotype of N. circumductus is designated, and itsmale genitalia as well as the variability of the elytral pattern are illustrated, based on additional material from the Sistan va Baluchestanprovince of Iran. In addition, a list of species and nex distributional data are published for the predaceous diving beeetles (Dytisciadae) of the Baluchistan region (Sistan va Baluchestan province in Iran and Baluchistan province in Pakistan). The following first national records are fiven: Hyphoporus aper Sharp, 1882 from Iran and Pakistan: Nebrioporus indicus (Sharp,1882), Neptosternus circumductus, and Peschetius quadricostatus (Aubé, 1838) from Iran: Laccophilus maindroni persicus Brancucci, 1983 from Pakistan. the occurrence of laccophilus inefficiens (Walker, 1859) in Iran is confirmed. Altogether 23 species of the family Dytiscidae are now known from Baluchistan.

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