Studies on the 'agriliform' Anthaxia from Africa, with the descriptions of four new species (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

Stránky 77-88
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2006/46/1

Four new species of Anthaxia Eschscholtz, 1829, subgenus Haplanthaxia Reitter, 1911, are described and illustrated: A (H.) gongeti sp. nov. from Uganda, A. (H.) bezdeki sp. nov. from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone, A. (H.) libenae sp. nov. from Guinea, Ivory Coast, Togo and Cameroon, and A. (H.) eloumdenica sp. nov. from Cameroon. All the described species belong to the ‘agriliform’ morphological type of Afrotropical Haplanthaxia and are compared with the most similar species. A new species group, Anthaxia gianfrancoi Bílý, 2000 species group, is established. An identification key for the species of Anthaxia gianfrancoi species group, A. rothkirchi Obenberger, 1922 species group and A. atomaria Obenberger, 1922 species group is presented.

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