Resurrection of Hoplasoma simplicipennis and H. ventralis, previously synonymized with H. unicolor (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae)

Stránky 133-144
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Taxonomic status of the common South-Asian galerucine leaf beetle Hoplasoma unicolor (Illiger, 1800) and its synonyms is revised. Hoplasoma simplicipennis Jacoby, 1896, and H. ventralis Baly, 1886, are regarded as valid species and not synonyms of H. unicolor. On the other hand, H. corniculata Allard, 1888, H. abdominalis Jacoby, 1896, and Aulacophora (Paraulacophora) pannonica Csiki, 1953, are confirmed as true synonyms of H. unicolor. The type locality of H. africana Allard, 1888, was erroneously placed in Cameroon. This species is excluded from the African fauna and its origin is placed to Peninsular Malaysia. Moreover, H. africana is treated as a new synonym of H. ventralis Baly, 1886. Lectotypes are designated for Galleruca unicolor Illiger, 1800, Haplosoma abdominalis Jacoby, 1896, Haplosoma corniculata Allard, 1888, Haplosoma simplicipennis Jacoby, 1896, and Hoplosoma ventralis Baly, 1886. Type specimens of all relevant species were studied.

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