Praha-Vinoř. Opevněné centrum prvních Přemyslovců ve světle mincovních nálezů

Pages 81–121
DOI 10.37520/nl.2020.009
Keywords coin, find, stronghold, Prague-Vinoř [CZ], Přemyslids
Type of Article Peer-reviewed
Citation ŠTEFAN, Ivo, LUKAS, Jiří, SMÍŠEK, Kamil a HASIL, Jan. Praha-Vinoř. Opevněné centrum prvních Přemyslovců ve světle mincovních nálezů. Numismatické listy. Prague: National Museum, 2020, 75(1-4), 81–121. DOI: ISSN 0029-6074. Also available from:
Numismatické listy | 2020/75/1-4

The study presents single coin finds obtained by the systematic metal detector survey from the area of the settlement complex in Prague-Vinoř. Here, a stronghold of the first Přemyslids with an associated settlement were established at the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries. In the 11th and 12th centuries, a large (probably church) burial ground and a high medieval manorial seat existed in this area. To date, a total of 58 single coin finds have been recorded from all the above-mentioned locations, with 16 coins dating from the 10th to early 13th centuries. The oldest is a unique coin of the bishop of Augsburg, St. Ulrich of Augsburg, minted in the early days of his coinage (perhaps even before the conventional year 955), the rest are domestic deniers. 17 coins belong to the years 1300–1526, 9 coins were struck before the last quarter of the 16th century. The remaining 13 individual coins were minted after the year 1648. The single coin finds present irreplaceable but rapidly disappearing evidence of the changing socio-economic functions of the site, and the development of the cultural landscape.

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