Ještě ke slavníkovskému mincovnictví

Pages 47–51
DOI 10.37520/nl.2020.006
Keywords denier, typology, Přemyslids, Slavnikids, Chýšť (Pardubice District) [CZ]
Type of Article Peer-reviewed
Citation PETRÁŇ, Zdeněk. Ještě ke slavníkovskému mincovnictví. Numismatické listy. Prague: National Museum, 2020, 75(1-4), 47–51. DOI: ISSN 0029-6074. Also available from:
Numismatické listy | 2020/75/1-4

The essay recalls the period of the beginnings of Czech coinage and some problems that still persist. Apart from the questions related to the chronology and dating of the individual Přemyslid and Slavnikid denier types, their attribution remains the dominating issue. Due to the absence of other written sources, the identification of the issuers is generally aided by the large coin hoards. Such aid also provided the recent denier hoard from Chýšť, East Bohemia, which has confirmed some of the author’s earlier hypotheses. For example, it verified the identification of the denier types Cach 152–154 and Cach 226 as minted by Duke Boleslaus II.

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