Vybavení interiéru nově zrekonstruovaného Svatojánského muzea v Nepomuku pohledem jeho zaměstnanců

Pages 38-44
DOI 10.1515/mmvp-2017-0013
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2016/54/2

Saint John’s Museum in Nepomuk, which is dedicated to the Saint of the same name (who was a local native), was reopened in March 2015. It’s original name was the Museum of St. John’s and other religious monuments and the museum was founded in 1930 by Father Jan Strnad. The institution was subsequently closed in the mid-20th Century. The study cursorily reveals the history of the Museum and the overall history and architecture of the building, where the Museum is located and its present status and particularly the reconstruction and the equipment of the Museum’s interior from the point of view of the Museum’s employees, specifically in regard to any problematical display cases. Three semistructured interviews were conducted with people who had contributed to the Museum in varying degrees, focused on the reconstruction of the Museum. This critical study can be of service not only to the Museum staff but also for other professionals from this area during the reconstruction of exhibitions or the creation of new ones.

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