Využití sociálních sítí v kulturních institucích: Případová studie online komunikace Muzea Karla Zemana

Pages 54-58
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2015/53/2

Social media and modern communication technologies that we use on a daily basis are changing our habits and how we communicate, and have a direct impact on our decision-making. An official statement of the Czech Statistical Office from 2014, mapping IT/ICT use, reports that communication is clearly the most popular (non-employment-related activity) on the internet. And social media are a typical means of communication today. The use of social media in museums is one of the strategies that can build a positive relationship with (potential) visitors. The following article presents the case study analysis of how social media is used by the Karel Zeman Museum. The authors focus on the general principles in the design of an optimal communication strategy, on the specific procedures for the use of popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope), and analytical tools that help to optimize the impact of such communication. This case study is part of the seminar entitled New Media in Museum Practice at the New Media Studies department at the Faculty of Arts.

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