Výstava Pravěk Československa (1958) v Národním muzeu: Světlo, zvuk a pohyb v roli průvodce návštěvníka

Pages 11-16
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2015/53/2

The Prehistory of Czechoslovakia exhibition, which opened at the National Museum on 28th February 1958, not only took what was at that time an entirely original museological approach in the form of a continuous exhibition case showing an uninterrupted chronological interpretation of Prehistory. Another novelty was the mechanical guide – a narration from a Magnetophon reel, accompanied by light effects, which led the exhibition visitors. The paper presents the origins of modern technologies in the National Museum’s shows, focusing on the Prehistory of Czechoslovakia exhibition. It also examines the level of public response to the experiment.

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