Památník Jakuba z Zinnenburku – průzkum a restaurování

Pages 55-65
Citation PAVLOVSKÁ, Radka a SLOVIK, Radomír. Památník Jakuba z Zinnenburku – průzkum a restaurování. Museum: Museum and Regional Studies. Prague: National Museum, 2015, 53(1), 55-65. ISSN 1803-0386. Also available from:
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2015/53/1

This article deals with the conservation of a manuscript from the National Museum Archive’s collections – an early 17th century noble Album amicorum (Friendships album). The physical condition of the album before conservation treatment was dire. Serious deterioration of paper caused by the leaking of a harmfull liquid occured. In this report the preconservation survey and analysis carried out are described, and the main steps of the conservation treatment explained.

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