The Second Life of Master Jan Hus and Hussitism in Music of Bohemia and Around the World – The Revolutions of 1848

Pages 24-52
DOI 10.1515/muscz-2017-0008
Keywords Jan Hus - Jan Žižka - Hussitism 1848 - second life in music - František Škroup - songs on the topic of Hus and Hussitism
Musicalia. Journal of the Czech Museum of Music / Časopis Českého muzea hudby | 2017/9/1-2

As part of his research on development of the traditions of “Jan Hus” and “Hussitism” as musical subject matter, the author of the article has concentrated on 1848, the Year of Revolution. The first part of the text introduces the texts of revolutionary songs and outlines the circumstances that led to the transformation of the reception of historical traditions, and thereby led to the new form of their influence on music. The second part is based on the contents of songbooks in which songs about Jan Hus and Hussitism were given a place of prominence. The concluding third part offers a retrospective of the development of (musical) theatre. Playing a dominant role is the music to the drama Žižkova smrt (The Death of Žižka), which was composed by František Škroup and has recently seen a revival in contemporary dramaturgy.

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