The Dvořák Mass in D (“Lužanská”) for chorus, organ, violoncello and double-bass

Pages 81-104
DOI 10.1515/muscz-2017-0010
Keywords Antonín Dvořák - 19th century music - mass settings - Czech music - Mass in D ("Lužanská") - liturgy - critical edition - stemma - codicum - Josef Hlávka
Musicalia. Journal of the Czech Museum of Music / Časopis Českého muzea hudby | 2017/9/1-2

Dvořák’s Mass in D was commissioned by the Czech architect and visionary Josef Hlávka for the consecration of the chapel of his mansion in Lužany; the première of the original version of the work was given at a private service on 11 September, 1887. However, the focus of the present article is on a version of the work subsequently prepared by Dvořák, incorporating an added part for violoncello and bass, and submitted by him to the publishing house of Novello. Though it came to be overshadowed by the later orchestration of the work, it possesses virtues worth cherishing. Haig Utidjian conducted the first modern revival of this version in Cologne on 8 July, 2014 and is currently preparing a critical edition for publication. A thorough critical investigation of all extant manuscript sources (some hitherto neglected) is seen to shed light on the composer’s thinking and to help clarify his intentions more generally.

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