Bats of the El Kala Biosphere Reserve, northeastern Algeria (Chiroptera) [Netopýři Biosferické reservace El Kala v severovýchodním Alžírsku (Chiroptera)]

Pages 79–92
DOI 10.2478/lynx-2017-0005
Lynx, new series | 2017/48/1

Twelve bats species representing four families (Rhinolophidae, Miniopteridae, Vespertilionidae, and Molossidae) were recorded in sites representing nine different habitats of the El Kala Biosphere Reserve and its vicinity in northeastern Algeria. Myotis emarginatus showed the highest frequency, it was found at five sites, Rhinolophus hipposideros, Eptesicus isabellinus and Miniopterus schreibersii at four sites, while Rhinolophus euryale, R. blasii, Myotis punicus, Pipistrellus kuhlii and Tadarida teniotis in three localities each. Species richness (total number of species within a site) ranged between 1 and 8 (mean 4.33). The annual activity pattern of all species was recorded by one netting session per month per locality in the course of two years.

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