Morphometric variability of Apodemus uralensis in Slovakia (Rodentia: Muridae) [Morfometrická variabilita ryšavky malookej (Apodemus uralensis) na Slovensku (Rodentia: Muridae)]

Pages 5–14
Lynx, new series | 2014/45/1

Morphometric variability was studied in samples of three populations of A. uralensis collected in the eastern part of Slovakia (Pieniny Mts., Košická kotlina basin and Východoslovenská nížina plain) during the period 1992–2006. Twenty-eight skull and dental variables were measured and evaluated in 98 skulls (31 from the Košická kotlina basin, 47 from the Východoslovenská nížina plain and 20 from the Pieniny Mts.) with regard to geomorphological divisions of Slovakia. The average values of skull and dental variables varied fairly among the orographic units of Slovakia. ANOVA/Kruskal-Wallis tests showed differences in the cranial variables between the geomorphological units of the country.

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