Nové nálezy Felis silvestris v České republice (Carnivora: Felidae) [New records of Felis silvestris in the Czech Republic (Carnivora: Felidae)]

Pages 139–147
Lynx, new series | 2013/44/1

The wildcat (Felis silvestris) population in the territory of the current Czech Republic decreased already during the second half of the 18th century and the occurrence of this species was very scarce in the 20th century. No reliable evidence of its occurrence was available since the last shot of an individual in 1952, although several non-confirmed observations have been mentioned from different parts of the Czech Republic. Here we present the pictures taken by camera traps installed in the Bohemian Forest (Šumava) in 2011 and in the Western Carpathians in 2013. As the pictured cats fulfil the criteria for species identification showing a coat pattern typical for the wildcat, we consider these findings a reliable evidence of the wildcat occurrence in the Czech Republic.

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