Contribution to the knowledge of variability of the penis bone (baculum) in Canis lupus from Slovakia (Carnivora: Canidae) [Príspevok k poznatkom o variabilite penisovej kosti (bakula) Canis lupus zo Slovenska (Carnivora: Canidae)]

Pages 5–12
Lynx, new series | 2013/44/1

Despite the large number of studies on variability of the baculum (os penis) in several species of carnivores, there are very little detailed data on the Eurasian wolf (Canis lupus). The aim of this study was to investigate quantitative characteristics of the baculum size and relationships between the measurements and to describe variability in baculum morphology of individuals from Slovakia (Western Carpathians). The study presents morphological variation in twelve traits of the baculum based on an analysis of 24 mature males collected in Slovakia during the years 1961–1984. The descriptive statistics revealed that the bacula were variable in size. Moreover, a statistical analysis showed a strong positive correlation between several traits, mainly for the weight of the baculum, laterolateral thickness (proximal), dorsoventral thickness (middle), laterolateral thickness (distal) and width of the sulcus urethralis. Moreover, baculum size was correlated with body length in adult males. The positive correlation between the length and width dimensions of the penis bone, especially of the proximal and distal end, could explain their relations with protection of the bone and urethra from fracture during copulation.

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