Recentní rozšíření bobra evropského (Castor fiber) v České republice v letech 2002–2012 (Rodentia: Castoridae) [Recent expansion of Castor fiber in the Czech Republic during 2002–2012 (Rodentia: Castoridae)]

Pages 149–179
Lynx, new series | 2012/43/1-2

The Eurasian beaver has recently recolonized Central Europe including the Czech Republic. We evaluated the beaver’s distribution during 2002–2012 and summarized all known data (obtained by our own monitoring, cited in publications and databases, or sent in by numerous volunteers). We compiled a detailed list of faunistic records grouped on the basis of KFME mapping squares, supplemented by a general overview of how and when each river was first colonized and the current status of the particular population. It is evident that the population on the Morava River (including the lower part of the Dyje River) has been reaching a saturation point, and the tributaries are being successfully colonized by supernumerary animals. On the Odra River, initial populations have settled in its large tributaries, but the occurrence is rare. A large, strongly expanding population can be found in south-western Bohemia. In addition to the saturated population in the Český les Mts., freshly colonized river basins include large parts of Berounka, Vltava and Otava. Dispersers have been also recorded on the rivers of Sázava and Orlice and on the Elbe River (besides a small, stable population downstream). The described progress of beaver expansion is an extraordinary example of large mammalian dispersion. From a conservation viewpoint, we dare to say that restoration of the Eurasian beaver in the Czech Republic is one of the most successful reintroduction projects in the country’s history.

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