Current distributional status of rodents in the Czech Republic (Rodentia) [Aktuální stav poznání výskytu hlodavců v České republice (Rodentia)]

Pages 5–82
Lynx, new series | 2011/42/1

Over 30,000 data records were used to compile updated maps of the distribution of 24 rodent species of seven families (Castoridae, Sciuridae, Gliridae, Cricetidae, Muridae, Dipodidae, and Myocastoridae) over the territory of the Czech Republic. The hitherto known distribution patterns have been confirmed in most of the species, either its range extends all over the territory, or they have a character of regional occurrence (Castor fiber, Spermophilus citellus, Glis glis, Eliomys quercinus, Dryomys nitedula, Cricetus cricetus, Microtus agrestis, M. subterraneus, Apodemus agrarius, A. uralensis, Sicista betulina, and Myocastor coypus). Data obtained on some species tend to suggest more or less expansion of their sub-ranges in central Europe (Castor fiber, Apodemus agrarius, Myocastor coypus). On the other hand, the present records of Spermophilus citellus indicate continuing population retreat of the species (abundance and distribution range as well). In addition, the data on the occurrence of each rodent species were subjected to hypsometric analysis.

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