Tigers (Panthera tigris, P. sondaica and P. sumatrae) in the Collection of the Museum für Tierkunde Dresden (Carnivora: Felidae) [Tygři (Panthera tigris, P. sondaica a P. sumatrae) ve sbírkách Zoologického musea D

Pages 153–162
Lynx, new series | 2009/40/1

In the Senckenberg Natural History collection Dresden, Museum für Tierkunde Dresden there are specimens of five tiger forms, which are briefly introduced with morphometric data. The material includes four skulls of the extinct Javan tiger Panthera sondaica sondaica, one skull of the Sumatran tiger, P. sumatrae, six specimens of wild caught Siberian Tiger, P. tigris altaica, as well as material of Indochinese tiger, P. tigris corbetti, and Bengal tiger, P. tigris tigris. The specimens of particular interest are figured, some more tiger specimens mainly from zoos are present.

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