Addendum to the revised catalogue of cetaceans (Cetacea) in collections in the Czech Republic [Doplněk k revidovanému katalogu kytovců (Cetacea) ve sbírkách v České republice]

Pages 141–152
Lynx, new series | 2009/40/1

An addendum to the previously published list of cetacean specimens in several Czech collections (Robovský & Benda 2006) is given, based on a detailed survey across a large number of institutions (museums, castles, churches, etc.). In the collection of National Museum Praha (NMP), we found additional skulls of Delphinapterus leucas, Globicephala melas, Monodon monoceros and Orcinus orca; we also identified taxonomic status of two NMP specimens inaccurately mentioned in the previous paper, Inia geoffrensis geoffrensis (skull) and Platanista gangetica s. str. (skeleton). Additional cetacean specimens were found and documented in some smaller collections. The most significant identified items include a skull of Platanista gangetica s. str. and two isolated teeth of Physeter catodon from the Municipal Museum in Čáslav, a skull of Pontoporia blainvillei from the Zoological Museum in Protivín, two isolated auditory bullae of a large whale from the Museum of Eastern Bohemia, Hradec Králové, and two hemimandibles of Balaena mysticetus from the Lednice State Castle, Lednice na Moravě.

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