Annotated check-list of the mammals of Iran [Komentovaný soupis savců Iranu]

Pages 63–102
Citation KRYŠTUFEK, Boris, SIAHSARVIE, Roohollah, BENDA, Petr, HUTTERER, Rainer a KARAMI, Mahmoud. Annotated check-list of the mammals of Iran [Komentovaný soupis savců Iranu]. Lynx, new series. Prague: National Museum, 2008, 39(1), 63–102. ISSN 0024-7774 (print), 1804-6460 (online). Also available from:
Lynx, new series | 2008/39/1

Early attempts to document Iranian mammals date back to the 18th century and coincide with the classical works by Linnaeus (1758), Gmelin (1774) and Pallas (1780). First compilation by Blanford (1876) with 78 species reported for “Eastern Persia” was followed by Ellerma n & Morrison-Scott (1951) who list for Iran 128 species, and by Misonne (1959) who provided a descriptive zoogeographical analysis of the region which was based on distributional ranges of the 112 mammal species he recognized. The most outstanding single contribution to the mammals of Iran is by Lay (1967) who elaborated an extensive collection resulting from the Street expedition of 1962–1963 to Iran. Here we present a list of species in which all changes following Lay (1967) are included. We list 191 species in 93 genera and 10 orders; two species are exterminated already (Panthera tigris and P. leo), while two species are clear introductions (Procyon lotor and Myocastor coypus). Rodents (38.2% of species) are the most diverse order, followed by bats (23.6%) and carnivores (16.7%).

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