Additional report of the Brown-nosed Coati (Nasua nasua vittata) on the tepuis – the Chimantá Massif, Churí Tepui, Venezuela [Další pozorování nosála červeného (Nasua nasua vittata) ze stolových hor – masiv Chimantá, Churí tepui, Venezuela]

Pages 115–117
Lynx, new series | 2007/38/1

In 2006, we reported on the distribution of Nasua nasua vittata on the Roraima Tepui as two independent observations of at least two individuals in March 2002 and January 2003. Moreover, in 2007, second and third authors observed another five individuals of coati on the Chimantá Massif (approx. 100 km westward from the Roraima Tepui), specifically on the Churí Tepui. The first individual, probably an adult, was identical in the pelage coloration to the N. n. vittata observed previously on Roraima, but another four individuals were probably juveniles with brown-orange-brown pelage with predominant orange colour on the belly and inner side of the legs. Based also on their external proportions, we suppose them to be juveniles. The dense vegetation with a relatively good food resources allows coatis’s natural distribution on Chimantá Massif where they are certainly not facilitated by the touristic activity. In view of this and previous reports, coatis should be considered as a regular inhabitants of tepuis.

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