The transition from hypsodonty to hypselodonty in the Mimomys savini – Arvicola lineage [Přechod od hypsodoncie k hypselodoncii u hraboší linie Mimomys savini – Arvicola]

Pages 247–253
Lynx, new series | 2001/32/1

The transition from hypsodont (high-crowned rooted) to hypselodont (rootless) molars can be observed in several lineages of arvicolids. The last vole lineage in which this transition took place is that of Mimomys savini – Arvicola. A new model is presented here, focusing on the relative significance of growth and wear rates in rooted and rootless forms. It is proposed that an increase in the rate of wear is directly responsible for the gradual structural modification of the entire tooth, a process that culminates in the development of rootless molars. This would imply that the reduction in enamel thickness observed in Mimomys savini and Arvicola provides a means of controlling the rate of wear and is not merely a method of “saving material” as previously suggested.

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