Postglacial bat remains from the Polish Tatra Caves [Postglaciální pozůstatky netopýrů z jeskyní polských Tater]

Pages 301–311
Lynx, new series | 2001/32/1

The authors analysed bat osseous remains collected from 21 caves in the Polish Tatra Mts. Moreover, the classification of the osteological material deposited in the collection of the Institute of Systematics and Evolution of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow was revised. The authors identified 8673 cranial parts of bat skeletons, MNI=5824. In the studied osteological material the remains of 10 bat species were found. Three basic types of bat thanatocenoses were distinguished. The hypotheses explaining the history of bat fauna formation during the post-glacial period in the Tatra Mts. were reconsidered.

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