Position of reference mammal localities of the Lower Villafranchian in the magnetochronological scale [Posice referenčních savčích lokalit spodního Villafranchianu v magnetochorologickém měřítku]

Pages 363–369
Lynx, new series | 2001/32/1

The sequence of the mammalian localities of the Lower Villafranchian (LV) is defined by paleomagnetic data together with hypsodonty levels among three phyletic lineages of rhizodont voles: Mimomys, Borsodia, and Pitymimomys. The oldest LV localities (zone MN16a, zone of Mimomys hajnackensis) are Triversa and Korotojak 1. They confined to uppermost part of the Gilbert Chron. The upper boundary of the Lower Villafranchian and that of the zone MN16b (zone of Mimomys polonicus) is defined by position of the locality Stranzendorf C with M. praepliocaenicus in the uppermost part of the Gauss Chron. The boundary of zones M. hajnackensis and M. polonicus is close to the base of the Kaena Subchron of the Gauss Chron.

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