Návrat myšice temnopásé, Apodemus agrarius (Rodentia: Muridae) na jižní Moravu? [Return of Apodemus agrarius (Rodentia: Muridae) to Southern Moravia (Czech Republic)?]

Pages 153–155
Lynx, new series | 2000/31/1

The geographical distribution of A. agrarius in the Czech Republic was originally thought to be limited to the northern part of the country, until Farský (1964) documented the occurrence of this species in the southern parts of Moravia as a result of his survey between 1920 and 1940. This was later refuted, however, by several authors as Farský’s evidence was not validated by their data, which had been collected in an extensive survey since 1953. However, during a recent small-mammal survey at some localities in southern Moravia we trapped one female of A. agrarius 17. 6. 1999 near Mutěnice (mapping quadrat 7067), which is a village about seventy kilometres distance from the southernmost locality which Pelikán (1989) had earlier surveyed. Although this is only anecdotal evidence based on the capture of a single specimen, we believe that the occurrence of this species in some other southern parts of the country may be more likely than previously thought. We suggest that further research should be performed in this area.

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