Nové nálezy norka amerického (Mustela vison) v jihozápadní části České republiky [New records of mink (Mustela vison) in southwestern part of the Czech Republic]

Pages 27–34
Lynx, new series | 1999/30/1

The mink, Mustela vison (Schreber, 1777) has extended its range of permanent distribution in southwestern Bohemia very fast. New findings are reported from 132 localities situated in 79 mapping grids (Fig. 1). The distribution area extended from 1690 km2 in 1994 to 10,270 km2 in 1999. Currently, abundant populations occur in the basins of the Berounka and Vltava rivers, along the upper stream of the Lužnice river, and in the Českomoravská vysočina highlands. The records of mink originated mainly from the banks of running waters (75.0% of observations), then from the banks of water reservoirs (15.2%), and the banks of ponds (9.8%). Most of the records were reported from the altitudes between 340 and 460 m a. s. l. A record from the Šumava Mts. (Sklářské údolí, the Křemelná river, 805 m a. s. l.) is the altitudinally highest site of occurrence of mink in the Czech Republic, the lowest one is along the lower stream of the Berounka river at Radotín (195 m a. s. l.).

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