Expozice novodobých českých dějin v Národním muzeu / Modern Czech History exhibition at the National Museum

Pages 49-58
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2016/185/3-4

The modern history exhibition at the National Museum was organised from the end of the 1970s by the Modern Czech History department. It met the fundamental proposition which arose from the Principles for developing Czech museum studies of 1973 and the Instructions for creating exhibitions of the period of building socialism of 1976. The exhibition was opened in May 1986. During its creation, it underwent a number of changes, with the principle one being the decision to reflect in particular on the daily life of the second half of the 19th and 20th centuries. Its fate was affected by the socio-political changes which occurred after the fall of communism in November 1989. The modern history exhibition was cancelled, and no suitable replacement could be built in subsequent years.

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