Průzkumy skleněných negativů v Langhans Archivu Praha

Pages 3–10
Citation CÍGLEROVÁ, Tereza . Průzkumy skleněných negativů v Langhans Archivu Praha. Journal of the National Museum. History Series. Prague: National Museum, 2013, 182(3-4), 3–10. ISSN 1214-0627. Also available from:
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2013/182/3-4

Since its discovery in 1998, this preserved collection of glass negative plates from the production of renowned portrait studio, Langhans, has been subject to many surveys, some of which are still ongoing and are rediscovering lost facts about the studio and the important figures who had their portraits taken there. With some general and very specific surveys of the plates and original wrapping material, we can acquire valuable knowledge about systematic order records, or the kind and type of damage on individual plates. Right now, greatest attention is being paid to mapping out the occurrence of surface finishing of negatives, which used to be applied to the emulsion and glass side of the negative. For selected negatives, this is performed with a systematic survey of the paints and retouching present in terms of their ingredients, typology, anticipated function and method of application. Paints and retouching are an integral part of the negatives, and it is therefore essential to pay them due attention. Carefully undertaken surveys are a fundamental and integral part of preservation and proper care of collections of glass negatives and other photographic materials.

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