Průzkum fyzického stavu sbírek nejvzácnějších iluminovaných rukopisů

Pages 11–16
Citation DŘEVÍKOVSKÁ, Jana a DERNOVŠKOVÁ, Jana . Průzkum fyzického stavu sbírek nejvzácnějších iluminovaných rukopisů. Journal of the National Museum. History Series. Prague: National Museum, 2013, 182(3-4), 11–16. ISSN 1214-0627. Also available from:
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2013/182/3-4

Investigation, which is done on such important manuscript as Codex Vyssegradensis, has influence on many decisions concerning conservation and preservation of rare illuminated manuscripts. The Codex, which was created and illuminated for coronation of first Bohemian King Vratislav II. in the second half of 11th century, is one of the rarest illuminated manuscript from the collection of the National Library in Prague. One of the main tasks of the first part of the investigation was the documentation and definition of damages of Codex and preparation of Codex for Exhibition „Open the Gates of Paradise“ – The Benedictines in the Heart of Europe 800–1300. The manuscript has been carefully observed for many years because of the great problems with stability of its full-folio illuminations on parchment. The uniqueness of this Codex is in large gilding and rich illuminations. There are serious problems with powdering and local cracking of colors and gilding. Research of damage and materials of color layers has not been done yet. The methods of non destructive research and analysis are applied in investigation. Four basic steps – photo documentation, research of painting, physical condition of illumination and material analysis – are done according to needs and demands. Gilding has an important role in the stability of any illuminations. Analysis of gilding in Codex was done by non destructive Roentgen Fluorescence Analysis. It was found that gilding contains brass. The imitation of gold gilding is not extraordinary in Middle age. There is many receipts how to do it in madieval books of recipes. There is also an evidence of corrosion in the brass gilding (darkening, color change and presence of green corrosive products). Paint layers containing copper belong to ones sensible to corrosion and there is also a certain level of damage in this Codex. There is a big questions on possible care and consolidation of the illuminations of Codex. This fact is very important at next care and preservation.

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