ISSN : 2533-4050 (tisk), 2533-4069 (online)
Editor in Chief : Jiří Kvaček

Llandovery microfossils and microfacies of the Hýskov section, Prague Basin

The lower Silurian strata of the Prague Basin, as well as in many other regions, are primarily represented by black shales, with limited to no record of benthic life. In this paper, we describe an exceptional late Aeronian volcanic-carbonate succession from the Hýskov locality near Beroun, which…

The bivalve Cuneamya from the Late Ordovician of Bohemia

The bivalve species Cuneamya catilloides from the Late Ordovician of Bohemia, previously assigned to the genus Grammysia, is revised. Cuneamya catilloides is an important element of the Modiolopsis Community Group in the Letná Formation. The genus Grammysia very probably does not occur in the…